How to Download Trend Micro Maximum Security?

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This article will provide you the easiest methods to successfully complete the process of How to Download and Installing Trend Micro Maximum Security. Trend Micro Maximum Security is a comprehensive, multi-device which provides protection against viruses, malware, fraud, and ransomware. It comes with a strong malware scanner, a titanium maximum security which offers an integral password manager, degree in-app application, and tools for shielding your device from losing valuable data. Downloading and Installing Trend Micro Maximum Security is not a difficult task, if you want to finish with the process quickly then follow the easy methods below in this article.

The Activation Code

It is a 20-digit alphanumeric serial number which will be used during the process of download and install. You can find it:

1)Written on your purchased box (retail/Bestbuy) if you have purchased a retail unit.
2)Sent to your email used during the online order.

The Step-by-step Method (Download & Install)

The steps will help you successfully download Trend Maximum Security and install Trend Maximum Security. Before we begin, make sure your device (Win/Mac) meets the system requirements and download the installation file TrendMicro_16.0_MR_Full.exe (Windows) or.DMG (Mac), double click on it to run the installation file and select yes when the User Account Control window appears.

(The installer extracts the files…)

1) Once the extraction gets completed, a window appears, type the 20-digit code in the box.
2) Read the Disclosure Notice, then click Next.
3) Read the License Agreement, then click Agree and Install.
(Installation starts… will take a couple of minutes to complete)
4) Once the installation gets complete, the Registration Form appears, click Finish.
After you complete the entire process, the main console of Trend Micro Maximum Security appears.
Get more information visit us at https://trendmicroesupport.com/trend-micro-maximum-security/or contact us at +1-844-237-3624.

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