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Discussion on: React Project - Idea to Production - Part Three - Building the Movie App using component library

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Miguel Angel Torres FP

Hi @debojitroy ,
Thank you very much for this amazing series.
This was just what I was looking for and I couldn't find any other tutorial that explained all of this so clearly.

Only a little suggest:
Maybe it's easy to use yarn to add multiple dependencies at once:
yarn workspace @awesome-movie-app/components add styled-components react-bootstrap bootstrap -D

I also had to add this option to the tsconfig file to avoid errors in files outside the src folder:
"skipLibCheck": true

And well, there is one thing that I do not quite undestand. Why do you compile using typescript and then again using babel ? Then in webapp I think you usually import the babel compiled files except the ones in the theme folder ( compiled by typescript ). Wouldn't compiling using typescript be enough ?

Thank you again for this helpful tutorial and access to the github repo.