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Discussion on: Things I wish I knew before entering the tech space 🌌 part 2 of 3

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MiguelMJ • Edited on

Best way to learn tech is by building

For me, this has been the most important thing. You are undergraduate? Learning theory is very important. You are self taught? The internet is full of high quality tutorials. But... what have you built? That answer is what helps me really make me an idea of you as a developer.

In my case, I learnt lots of things in university, but I never internalized them until I used them in real projects. You don't know a technology until you have used it and spent hours catching errors and bugs. Want to learn about version control? Start to use git for every project. Want to learn about making documentation? Make some wikis for your GitHub repos, try out doxygen. You name it.

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Amelia Vieira Rosado 🐣✨ Author

Thanks for the articulate comment, Miguel! Learning by doing is definitely the approach, no matter where one comes from (be it uni or otherwise). It is something I personally struggle with given that I am more of a thinker than a doer. Hence why I brought it up here.