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re: I learnt how to rewrite an API I wrote 6 months ago to run serverlessly and saved my client close to $50/day in server costs!

That's brilliant.
Out of curiosity did you have a close idea how much they'd save before you started, or did you just know it'd be a worthwhile amount?

If the former I also curious how you priced doing that work for them? If the details were known in advance it could have been a good opportunity for value based pricing.


For this particular client I am just on a fixed monthly retainer - this month there wasn’t many new features or bug fixes to roll out but the client had requested that I “look into costs”.

I had a pretty good idea of the potential savings when I actually looked at the server running costs and did the math on the invocation costs, but the work itself was just billed into the monthly retainer.

That being said, the learnings from that exercise meant that I spent the weekend going through my client list and figuring out who else I could save a bunch of money that would be under additional billable time!

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