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Discussion on: Why I moved from React to Svelte and others will follow

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Mike Nikles Author

Hi Othmane, I appreciate you took the time to share your feedback. Hello World examples are about as useless as trying to buy a watermelon based on its shape ;-).

I've used Svelte in a production app for about a year. The blog post was inspired by a number of people who asked me why I chose Svelte over React since I had been invested heavily in React. The simplest way I could think of to show the difference was to use the React examples from their homepage, hence it's fairly basic.

I am planning a much more in-depth online course, likely by open-sourcing my web application I've been working on for a year to give people a much better picture of how Svelte (and Sapper) behave in a real world example.

Thank you for sharing Stefan's blog post. I like this comment thread as it aligns closely with what I do.

I haven't looked into web components recently, but did read most major browsers now support them.