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Hello, folks! I tuned into the Practical Dev Twitter feed a few months back and have been grateful for the insight and discussions.

I'm a web developer who took this up as a hobby during my computer science major back in college 20 years back. I'm typically working with front-end development work, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but I also manage two freelance animal behavior sites driven by ColdFusion and SQL Server. I consider myself a bit of a generalist, or "red mage" developer, with interests/knowledge in web analytics, data visualization, responsive web design, and information security.

For "non-dev things," I enjoy working outdoors or on home improvement projects. This past week, for example, I shoveled four-and-a-half tons of playground sand from my driveway to my kids' swingset in our backyard. :-)


Welcome! I'd love to learn more about information security, you should do a post for beginners. :)

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