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Discussion on: Is it time we quit WhatsApp?

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Rishabh Singh ⚡ Author

That's very correct bro! Tech giants were controlling our lives since years but its now time we take our privacy into our hands because if no one starts then everyone would end up being a rag doll hanging with strings of FB. Also, feel free to share what you conclude from your observation.

Also which platform you will be going after once you have planned to ditch WhatsApp for once and all?

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Suraj Vishwakarma

Might be I use signal as it look like perfect replacement of signal. I can shift to signal but my other contact might or might not shift to signal or other platforms.

Let's see what happen.

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WhatsApp ws da first and somehow was able to get global popularity.
If we jump off WhtasApp it will b based on location. There is now several derivatives.
In South Africa, Telegram was already competing with WhatsApp.
Bcz there is no size limit or specific file type, it bcame popular with sharing study materials.

I hav never heard of Signal until Elon's tweet was headlined a week ago...

There's no way a billion (50%) of ppl wil jump off...
Especially non-techy guys who took 3-6 months to use WhatsApp optimally...

WhatsApp death will b cause by Instant-msg killer... Just like email did to pen-pals...