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Thank you for sharing. Your experience is so similar to mine, although I thankfully managed to quit drinking before I started my career. Looking back on it, I was an alcoholic. I was addicted. I had to quit all together, zero drinking. I couldn't just drink socially, and still probably can't. I've worked at many different places in my career so far, with many different kinds of culture, but most if not all places I've worked have a strong connection with drinking in some way. Whether it be the beer cart on friday arvo, or after-work pub crawls, or an entire fridge stocked with nothing but alcoholic beverages.

Without fail, I always get asked the same question time after time: "Why aren't you drinking?"

Seriously, if someone is not drinking, please don't ask why. Not only does it add to the pressure to conform, but the reasons are often quite personal. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be if I came up to someone who was holding a beer and asked them "so why are you drinking?"

Thanks again for sharing your experience. It takes an enormous amount of courage, serious courage, to share something like that with the world.


Hey! Good on you for sticking with it! I always hear of people who have these socially uncouth people they are with who ask why, and maybe I just answer it and don't notice or I don't have that, but for sure, if they want you to know, they will tell you. Don't ask, like we tell moon moon,

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