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re: "Yuck", "it's not good". DEV is a welcoming and constructive place. Please edit your comment accordingly.

oh, okay. edited the comment to make it more constructive.

Thank you. Might I also ask why you forked the repo? To my understanding, the post was asking for recommendations for features for the OP to add. Not for a code review.

To add my own features that I want. If OP doesn't want my changes in her repository, then I will rename the project, while keeping OP's copyrights and adding my own copyrights for my changes.

What about this thread makes you think I’d want to collaborate? You immediately insulted all of my code and now you’re essentially saying you want to steal my project.

  1. I didn't insult all of your code. I just pointed out some issues with it (like the impossibility of website's usage with a phone, scattered HTML elements). Those aren't really hard to fix. Your code is actually good. I apologize for my very inappropriate words against your code.
  2. I'm not going to steal your code. I'm just going to make my own, modified version of your project, and say "YadaYadaYada is a modified version of textua11y, which was developed by Ashlee Boyer". Now I deleted the code off my computer altogether.

Thank you for apologizing. If you have Twitter, send me a DM and we can talk a little bit more about this situation. I don’t want to discourage you from code at all. Conlin made some great points in his comment and as he said, this is a good learning experience.

Sadly, I have Twitter, but I can't DM you (Twitter doesn't show me a DM button). I can make an issue in your GitHub repository, and we could discuss the ideas that I proposed there.

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