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Upcoming Gaming NFTs or Gaming Tokens To Look Out For

NFTs or Non fungible tokens are tokens that can be used to represent ownership of unique items. These tokens can represent digital and real-world assets like collectibles, arts. Images, memes, GIFs, in-game assets etc.
NFTs in a game generate or preserve value for a player. In blockchain gaming in-game assets are bought in the form of NFTs or non-fungible tokens. These tokens can represent digital and real-world assets.
These are stored on the blockchain and which can be used to trade in-game, purchase better items, and can be traded on cryptocurrency markets. It will potentially increase in value over time.

Which are the upcoming Gaming NFTs or Gaming tokens in the market?


It is the token of block2Play gaming platform which is based on binance smart chain. The players can earn tokens from airdrop, pre-sale and few will be available at the launch on the Pancakeswap. Players and investors can also earn by staking.


BITS is the native currency within the SpaceMisfits ecosystem. The blockchain game requires BITS for in-game trading, as well as purchasing useful items and making upgrades. Players earn BITS from a multitude of things they can do in the game. Whether you want to be a trader or hunt down NPC you can earn BITS.



Last but not the least, GAMEIN token is a BEP20 based Gaming token. It is an upcoming cryptocurrency token that will be available on Game Infinity. Not only can players choose their favorites from a wide variety of games, but also they can earn loads from the GAMEIN tokens.

link to Game Infinity platform:


NFT for gaming industry is the future as we can see many gamers are taking it up not just as a hobby but more as a profession. With gamers joining “Play-to-Earn” models and earning, NFT game development has made its niche. Those who don’t join the trial will later find themselves alienated.

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