🙏Looking for feedback.🙏 I'm a Frontend Developer

Missael on November 05, 2019

Neither my family or friends know about code. So, if you read this post and wanna answer, don't hesitate, I will appreciate your words and advice :)

This is my portfolio link:


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Honest feedback and personal opinion:

  • I'd prefer other/better button styles - looks kinda default to me
  • Also other/better input/textarea styles (take a look at other websites for inspiration)
  • The "ABOUT ME" Section does need a container - it is a good practice in terms of ui/ux to limit the width of text containers heavily. Otherwise the text becomes really hard to read. Consider putting two text containers next to each other instead of one big one.
  • The DEV and Github logo in the bottom does need margin bottom - it sticks to the bottom edge of the black container. Or the Black container needs bottom padding
  • Consider adding hierarchy by using different font weights (e.g. "ABOUT ME" bolder and the text itself less bold)
  • The swiper was confusing to me at first until I read the "Swipe the image" instruction - could be me though ;)
  • Consider removing the colons after "ABOUT ME" and "Feedback"

  • I like the animations!


Omg, thanks for taking the time to saw that details, I will make the changes hoping good results. I truly appreciate your honesty Marc :D


You don't really need shadows inside the button. shadows should be supported on the back of the parent and always be at the bottom(in this case, the button).

Same thing as ABOUT ME, you could split it into 2 columns. the left side would be your description.
the right side would be your... picture?(If you don't want to put pictures in your portfolio. that's okay).


If you don't want to put pictures in your portfolio. that's okay.

I saw in a lot of sites that a picture would affect you more than you think, I don't know if this is true, but don't wanna take the risk for something so little haha

But that gaves me an idea, maybe put in one side the text and in the other my side project 🤔 Anyway, I would see what works, thanks for your words Vince!

PS.- Ramces is a really cool lastname


I agree with what most folks have said here about specific things that could be improved.

My biggest feedback would be to tone down much of the styling and animation. There is a lot going on, but the styling feels disjointed. The animations feel thrown in and not serving an actual purpose other than "look, I can do animation!"

I would also suggest elaborating on your experience.

Overall, great job putting in the effort and getting it up and running. That is the hardest and most important part. I would suggest giving some of Joshua Fluke's videos(youtube.com/user/Tychos1) where he review's Jr. Dev portfolio sites. He raises some good best practices and seeing critiques of other's work can be a great reflection of your own.



Thanks for your recommendation and kind word Cameren. I will try my best to improve, cheers!


What kind of feedback are you looking for?
What's are hoping to achieve with this site?


Its my portfolio, wanna get a job as a Front-end developer and I'm looking for any kind of feedback that helps me to improve not just my chances to land a job, but be a better developer. So, if you have some advice, I will truly appreciate it :D

  • Try to sound more confident in your writing. "willing to learn any technology needed asap" reads as a little desperate to me.
  • I'd go for a more simple way of displaying projects. If you have to tell people to 'swipe the image' instead of that being obvious, then it's not the most friendly UI.
  • Instead of listing technologies on projects, with "problem-solving" next to them, I'd talk a bit more about what problems you faced, and how you solved them.

"willing to learn any technology needed asap" reads as a little desperate to me.

Hahaha You catch me! Actually, wrote that because I think companies would like someone who can evolve and learn more technologies. Hope they understand it in that way haha Thanks for your feedback Glenn!


My opinion is that those styles have passed, the buttons should be more focused on material or foundation.


Yeah! That's something that didn't notice until this post, thanks Diogenes, have a good day! :D

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