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Discussion on: Inspiration vs. Plagiarism

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Amara Graham Author

I honestly don't know Renato. He could be coping with imposter syndrome, but even that is just another excuse.

I've seen some folks on Twitter mention that his quirky and light-hearted interview videos were a great addition to content in the AI Community, even introductions to fundamental topics to get folks interested in AI captured the attention of new people. That's all incredibly important and inspiring work!

I'm ultimately concerned about the overall authenticity of what he's presenting. And because of that I can no longer recommend his content.

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Renato Byrro

That's true... He certainly deserves credit for original contributions. The plagiarism risks staining his entire work. It seems to me he might be blinded by vanity and fame, unfortunately.

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Ali Sherief

If only he used his own words. What would have it taken him to use his own words? He would've avoided this fiasco entirely.

And attributions when the words look too much sourced from somewhere.