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Discussion on: You don't have to use Redux

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Roger K.

Hi Seif,
I'm at risk here as a new new dev (I didn't stutter), however I do think that your comment about testing appears to take a position that I'm not sure I understand from what I've learned and been told, nor did I get from the person you have responded too as well.

I believe that those tiny checks aren't necessarily about displacing the user from the center as it seems you have assumed. As I've learned it's about making it easier for a developer to reason around the tests. I'm assuming unit tests and not integration tests. That's a reasonable assumption I think, right?

I find it easier to read small tests and grasp what's being tested. This in turn means when I add code it's easier to either add tests, see a need for a tweak to a test or what have you. It's true that this may lead to an error ultimately, but I don't think one set of testing displaces the other. Do you think that?

Personally I enjoy testing and find unit tests to greatly assist me in solving the problem better when I write my code (I do TDD mainly), however I also do functional testing both with and without the UI rendered. Is this not the best practice? I thought it was and if I'm right I don't think it's reasonable your last point as it takes a point of view that one form or type of testing has hegemony over another.

I do love your other points btw. I'm trying to determine if I need to use Redux anymore or can I move to the new Context API as my first choice.