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Discussion on: When do you work on your side projects?

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Moe Long

I used to mostly reserve weekends for my side projects. Now, I fit it in M-F, with occasional weekend work mixed in. As my day job, I write/edit, mostly producing articles such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino tutorials. For side projects, I run Tech Up Your Life where I cover consumer tech, and Cup of Moe where I write about film, TV, and music. Every other week I record a podcast for my film podcast, Celluloid Fiends.

Dedicating some time on weekdays to write for my personal sites 1) encourages me to take them seriously like a day job, and 2) continues to exercise my writing/editing muscles. Overall, I've found that incorporating side projects into my weekday routine has boosted my productivity. Plus, having tangentially-related side projects allows me to be creative without feeling burned out from always being hands-on with something dev or maker related.