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Discussion on: If you've tried Linux and opted against using it, tell us why for the chance to be featured on our podcast!

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Mitch Pomery (he/him)

I use to run a linux server at home and another on my universities network back around 2013-2015 but stopped because the time I was spending maintaining them outweighed the benefits they gave me, and services have come up that provide me what I want without needing to do that maintenance work. One of the big services that stopped me from running my own server is Discord, as several of the IRC chatrooms I was in now have discord servers and I no longer have to have an IRC bouncer to receive messages and allow me to connect as the same user from multiple devices.

As a desktop OS, I tried Linux Mint back around 2010, but it didn't play nicely with my tri-screen set up, so I quickly abandoned it. Now I have no need to try linux on my desktop anymore as I have WSL when I need it.