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re: I agree about the ability to make your work environment your own is a strong merit. I have most of the demerits you mention taken care of, however ...

Hi Yashu, I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood and also have the nicety of fast internet via fiber at 150Mbs. I am not sure where you currently are located but in the United States in most locations that are not completely rural, there is usually a decent connection. The one thing I've noticed sometimes is if I need to use a VPN, then things, of course, are going to be slower.

As far as the noise from my family at home, that one is not really resolved, I do have a separate room for my home office though and it's known not to disturb me if I am working.

Not sure if that helps you at all, but I found that I needed to communicate with my Wife and children that even though I am at home I am working and need to be left alone to do what I need to. For me there needed to be that understanding.

Internet connection problem can be still resolved easily, but getting a noise free life at work is impossible. 😂

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