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Discussion on: VanillaJS or Frameworks/Libraries (React)?

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Martin Jablečník • Edited on

If it is hard for you so this can help you:
Here you can see that the most popular framework are:
Svelte, React and Vue
And in development companies are using React or Vue.

Then depends only on the approach what you want to have during development:
Building components with JSX or build components classically with Template?

If you are new or you don't have a lot of experiences with development and you know only VanillaJS so I can recommend you to try Svelte.
It is pretty simple and I think that there you can understand the basics about development Web applications (SPA or PWA) and then you can go to learn Vue which is similar but a little more complex and mature.
After this you can somewhere find a job as Vue developer or try learn React for see a different between Vue and React (both frameworks are very good)

And of cource I agree with you, that programming with React can be strange for you if you have only intermediate VanillaJS knowledges.. :)
But there is a little different approach and setup of your mind required for develop some nice web applications then develop only some web pages with VanillaJS.. ;)