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I recently worked on a project which used monorepo. It was my first introduction to it. I must say, I was not impressed. But hear me out. I've worked in the mobile app industry for over 10 years. I've seen architectures come and go.

Conceptually, I understand the use case for implementing such a design. In practice, I found it unintuitive, incredibly confusing, and slowed my project onboarding process to a crawl. I had six weeks to perform the job for which I was hired. The first week was spent wrapping my head around how to simply walk through the workflows. That cost the client a lot of money and reduced my available billable time by 20%. Imagine what would happen if the client had to onboard a less-experienced dev.

To be fair, there are a lot of unknowns here. It was my first hands-on with the design. Maybe the client's architect built it incorrectly? Would my experience have improved had the repo been better documented, i.e. had any doc at all? I don't really know.

I'm off that project and on my way to others. I will withhold judgment for now because this project could've been a fluke. I just wanted to interject my experience. For any non-trivial project, it's important for readers to remember that the business drives technology decisions. If a monorepo design pattern solves the particular business requirement, then I hope this tutorial helps you jumpstart your project.

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