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Discussion on: Top 10 Web Accessibility Standards Every Developer Should Know

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Miranda Author

This is all great! Thank you very much.

To point 1: It may be true that pixels do actually expand when zooming in. I did not test it but took the word of the textbook I had gathered this information. Could maybe rewrite to clarify; I do know that relative sizes are a best practice.

To point 2: It is better to have it be visible visually as well as visible to the screenreader. However, when it is invisible to a screenreader, it is completely inaccessible. Using CSS trickery is not optimal but far preferred. I could maybe clarify this.

To point 3: Perhaps 'permanently' was too strong of a word. Someone ought to be able to toggle. Perhaps the example is too complicated and we easily get into weeds when considering the importance of keyboard focus.