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re: 5 Reasons to start the #100DaysOfCode Challenge VIEW POST


I'm over halfway through my 3rd round of 100 Days of Code and I agree that the accountability aspect of it can not be understated!
I also really appreciate the structured format for documenting what progress I've made each day. I've applied this technique into other areas of my life. I find it especially helpful to see just how far I've come when reflecting back at the end of each 100 Days. To realize that the concepts I was struggling with a few months or weeks ago are now second nature is really gratifying. And if you see I'm still butting up against the same things, I know you need more practice in that area. It's also an excellent note-taking tool to help know what to do next. (e.g. "I finished x today. I got stuck on y and will return to read more documentation on that. Tomorrow I will complete z.") That way, even if I do have to miss a couple of days, I always know right where to pick up.

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