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Discussion on: Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework

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Thank you for your writing.
I would like to address my personal point of view at the problem describe.

Frameworks are all terrible. All of them. I'm serious - they are making you all into bad developers. Stop using them now.

That's remind me of the saying of one friend of mine:

All languages sucks, some less than the others.

I could not agree more with the second. What I do not agree is that using a framework is not necessarily making you into a bad developer.
The exemple of the "right" framework for the task has already been introduce into the comment so I'll arg on another one: Sometimes, you do not need to understand more than the gross picture. For exemple, one might realize an application making real time image through a webservice. The "most" important part is the rendering. He migh use an http framework getting care, at least for the short term, the web part and concentrate on the rendering. You don't need to know how a car works inside its engine to drive it.
That being said, the gross picture (at least) should be acquired.
Also, even if framework may come with a number of tools useless to you, sometimes it is still the right fit (like QT for C++).
And then, arrive the professional question. You have deadline and possibly an existing environment. If a company use React (more Library than framework) it may be counter productive to ask the newcomer to not use React to learn how to make a renderer lib themself.
Same kind of problematic with deadline.

Of course, it works also the other way around, sometimes we got the times an resources and no particular need of an existing framework.

On another subject, I think it's not appropriate to attack the author credibility with terms such as "fanatic". The discussion is much more interesting without "ad homines" attack. Sorry if it sounds bold of me, but I think someone who put work into writing deserve better.