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Discussion on: What’s an unpopular software opinion you have?

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1) I totally agree. What I was trying to do (and it's not only OPP in fact, but a lot of stuff) is that we should use the right tool for the right job and not the shiniest tool because everyone love it.

2) I was trying to express that the beauty of your code and the absolute awesomeness that we can find in it is not as relevant that the problem you seek to solve.

3) That's an interesting thinking, I'll dwell in it someday.

4) Some other tools (like pijul) deserve a little lookup to broad a little the landscape of vcs.

5) I tend to believe that OOP is a paradigm revolving around object. It's not that objects exist in it but more than everything is done to promote them. For instance Java urge you to manage things through object. Object become de-facto the "orientation" taken by the language. Other paradigm, like functional or ECS, or not focus on object as a "core" concept of programing. As such, object are just a convenient way to pack data altogether in those paradigm rather by being the central gear of it. At least it's the way I see it.

But my vision may be biased or even uterly wrong.

6) Ok...

7) Top 10 are overrated, top 7 is the way to go.