Monica Coded Because She Didn't Know Any Better

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I've read several #SheCoded stories by now. Some are shocking and horrible, others are uplifting. Mine is more... naive.

I had no idea that some people thought it wasn't normal for women to be in tech until it was too late and I was already in the field.

How I Landed in Tech

I was a very shy kid with an atypical homeschool upbringing, so I had limited exposure to certain cultural norms. Sure I saw that the tech person in movies was always a guy, but it didn't have a lasting impression on me and no one around me reinforced that as normal.

My unique situation came with an advantage:

I didn't know or care what girls were supposed to like so just I liked what I liked.

Dolls didn't capture my interest but I'd wrestled my brother for the N64 controller. Goron City needed me! I think that's why my parents encouraged me to take my first computer class with the homeschool co-op, and I loved it.

I was the only girl in the class but no one gave me reason to feel out of place. I was hardly an oddity when we shared our lunch table with both Mennonite girls in bonnets and vacation-tanned kids in designer clothes.

My community college classes were also made up of mostly men, but again, no one made me feel unwelcome. In 2013 I got my first tech job where I was mentored by a woman.


Through all of that, I never had a reason to feel like I didn't belong in tech. I still don't.

Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've worked on teams of mostly men and teams of mostly women and both were great. I hope I'm not the only woman who's had such a conflict-free experience.

Thanks to all y'all for being cool. ✌

And with #SheCoded and #TheyCoded in circulation I'd really love to see #HeCoded as well. There's no denying that some people face challenges in the field that men don't, but gender doesn't determine who's story we can learn from.

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It's good that your experience is positive. We need these kind of things to be normalized!


You were a great mentor for me at my first job ❤️ You made me feel incredibly welcome. I'm glad you code☺️


Aw thank you ❤️ I’m glad we had the chance to work together!


I'm glad your experience was positive and not fraught with expectations (unwelcome, and unmet).
Thank you for sharing!


Booyah, that's always the best place to start. I hope you're successful.


That's really good. This is the path the story should always go.