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There are actually courses you can find online. Like on Udemy.


I'm actually not familiar to anything related to hacking (other than loving the Mr. Robot TV show :D), but from what I've heard it is something both paid really well and interesting.

Since nothing is 100% secure on the internet, people who specialize in that field are really needed these days.

I would say that if you are interested in hacking, at least do it for the good of others, and that's where ethical hacking comes in.


It is important to understand what a hacker is!

Hacking might be characterized as ‘an appropriate application of ingenuity’. Whether the result is a quick-and-dirty patchwork job or a carefully crafted work of art, you have to admire the cleverness that went into it. The Meaning of 'Hack' by Eric S. Raymond

Before the turn of the millenium, hacker Eric S. Raymond (author of Cathedral and the Bazaar) wrote How To Become A Hacker, which provides a lot of information on how to become a hacker.

Now, that aside, if you are interested in computer security, you are looking for the information security or infosec branch of the computer world. If you want to get into this, you should...

  1. Learn as much as you can about coding in general! Learn to write good software. Make special room for learning C! Even if you never use C in the real world, the skills you learn from it will give you incredible insight into the inner workings of computer programming.

  2. Learn Linux. Master it. Get comfortable with bash scripting and hacking (true definition) the system to your preferences.

  3. Check out HackThisSite.org. Work your way through it.

  4. Learn Windows. Master the under-the-hood stuff. Learn how to remove viruses from Windows machines. While like all techs, I always rely on trustworthy AVs in the field, I am technically proficient enough to purge viruses from a system manually (and thereby pass inspection from an AV scan).

By the way, being on Linux (and therefore resistant to Windows-focused malware), I've had a blast downloading trojans from spam and taking them apart, and then reporting the virus download sites to the authorities.


Try to break stuff. For example, go to your blog and sniff around the login page. See if there is any way you can break through the authentication protection put in place. If you are using WP look at the source code, which is public, and see if there is an "in". Keep doing that and you become a hacker. Report the hacks you find, and you are a ethical hacker.


I think hackers are good at problem solving and that's what make them hackers

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