Discussion on: Should you learn more than one language at the same time?

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Arpit Mohan

I wouldn't recommend learning multiple languages at the same time. Part of getting to know a language is to familiarize yourself with it's syntax and paradigm of thinking. For example, JS or NodeJS is extremely functional while Python or Java aren't. I think it's better to get to know the ecosystem of a language, what functionalities are provided in the core library, which are the popular libraries/frameworks used by other people in the community before moving on to other languages.

I think I would get very muddled in my head if I learnt multiple languages together. Recently, I was getting back on the Python & NodeJS horse at very close intervals. Half the time, I was writing JS code in the Python script and kept getting frustrated when it wouldn't run. I was also googling up some very basic stuff like "How to define functions in Python" because I kept writing function foo() instead of def foo():.