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How The Internet Works ?

If you want to know about internet and how it works, then you are at right place. Come on, let's begin...

Well, In your college your teacher must have told you that to understand it (any subject) you have to first learn about its (subject) parts.. right?
So let's follow our teacher's trick. So there are 5 important parts to understand the working of internet...

          Browser , Domain , Hosting , HTTP , DNS 
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We will understand all topic one by one ...

Browser :

A web browser is commonly called a browser.
Alt Text

A web browser is a software application for accessing the information on the World Wide Web by entering a URL and then viewing the content from a web server and then displaying the resulting web page on the user's device.

Simple to say, a web browser is where you come in and browse the web by entering a URL. The web browser displays the content you are looking for, an image of the content you are looking for, an article of the content you are looking for, or other content you are looking for.
What you are using right now is a web browser because you have used a browser to view it. One thing you should also know - my younger brother also knows what a web browser is. If you want to ask, please ask about Domain . It is complicated to understand.

Domain :

Nickname of IP address.
Alt Text

Enter the following IP address in your browser :
Your browser will show you Google's site.

IP Address :
Domain Name : Google

You must be thinking that we do not remember the password of our email and how do we remember this IP address, it can be forgotten at any time. That's why our world-wise Leonard Kleinrock thought of domains and today we can easily access our favorite websites using domains.
Now we don't need to remember any IP address, just type the website name, you are right away.
Now if you understand this, now you also know about its home, which means the home of the domain - hosting.

Hosting :

Domain's House Colony.
Alt Text

Hosting is a server where all the data of a particular website is stored. You must be thinking that we can host our website files in our computer also, then why do we need hosting service. You are absolutely right that you can host it on your laptop but when your computer stops working or there is any other problem with your device then site will stop working and Many people will not be able to visit your website So you use a professional hosting service. With this, anyone can easily visit your website, service anytime.
Something important remains, don't forget to read further...


Protocol of the internet.
Alt Text

HTTP is a hypertext transfer protocol. This protocol is used by the World Wide Web. It allows users to communicate over the Internet. It uses request and response functionality so that computers connected to the web can talk with each other. The web address usually starts with http://.

There is also HTTPS, where the S stands for secure. When using an HTTPS connection, the communication between the web browser and the webserver is encrypted and therefore protected
Giving you valuable advice, always use only HTTPs websites.


Domain Name System.
Alt Text

DNS is the system that translates a domain name ( ) into an IP address ( which is a unique identifier of some piece of hardware on a network. You must be wondering why DNS is converting it from domain to IP address. So the thing is if we find file by domain name in hosted files then it will take a lot of time so dns brother do this to speed up our work and show you searched thing in less than 1 second starts giving.

I hope you have understood something about Browser, Domain, Hosting, HTTP, DNS. So with all the parts connected, let's understand one more time how the Internet works.

The Internet is a global computer network for communication. The Internet simply moves data from place to place so that we can chat, browse and share. Take an example and use all the parts. Let's say you want to send an email to your boss. So you choose/open any browser - Chrome, Opera, Safari, or any other. So you thought that I do not even remember the IP address of the Gmail site, then you should remember my point that in this new era, just type the domain name and your DNS will convert the domain to IP address, quickly the main page of Gmail opens. So now what you're doing here, quickly write an email to your boss.

See you soon with a new topic.

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Srinivas Kasiriveni

Nice overview

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Mohd Anas

Thanks Man :)

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