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Nice article! I like the pragmatic feel of it!

Topics are hard to come up with.


I view technology as a means to an end. I am not super excited by data structures, patterns, or test coverage (beyond their utility to me).


You could write about:

  • Why you're more interested in tech as a tool, than as a "thing in itself"
  • Why/when such a perspective might be useful (or not) in some cases

I did not expect to see any suggestions :) so this is a nice surprise, thanks! I think that is a fine idea.

A joke in my group of friends is that whenever anyone ever says anything negative about their job to me (friend, stranger, someone attempting to phish me, etc) I immediately attempt to convince them to try coding.

Their protestations usually go something like "Oh but it looks hard" or "boring" or "like math". What I'd like to convey to them (successfully) is that you don't have to love coding to be a coder and love your job. This seems like it could be tightly coupled to your suggestion :D I'll give it a whirl.

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