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Home automation?! That sounds awesome! Congrats! 😃

My little random tidbits of advice....

  • Review Senior Dev PRs - Sometimes when you are starting out you think you have no business reviewing a senior dev's code. FALSE! You totally should! You might just spot something they missed(has happened multiple times to me!). Worst case, if you don't find a bug, you will learn something from reading their code. I still learn from reading other's code.
  • Dont Be Afraid To Ask Questions or Ask for Help! - Everyone needs help at some point, no matter how experienced they are. The sooner you get comfortable asking for help when you need it, the better.
  • Keep Your Head Up! - There will be days when you are staring at a problem that you can't make heads or tails of and you will feel like you have no business coding. Just know, that is totally NORMAL! I still have days like that!

Now go crush some code!!!


Thanks 🙂🙌
And thanks for these crucial advices.😎😋
I m gonna rock n roll 🙃🙃


This is sound advise, never thought about reading others' PR.


"Review Senior Dev PRs" FTW! I totally agree with this.

We had a book club on my team at Comcast when I was a junior and it totally helped me level up. Maybe you could convince your team to start one?


Thats a great idea! I'm assuming getting to know people on a personal level made it less intimidating to work with them 😊


This is what I do. There's always something to learn even when you're a seasoned developer.

Not asking questions will only make matters worse if you don't know.

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