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re: Thanks for sharing your story! I love the idea for your WaterCooler project — I see how developers could use something like that. I'm wondering i...

Since WaterCoolerMeetings never really got going it never provided a community I could use which is why I went looking for a job.

Throughout my career I have always strived and enjoyed being a part of a tight knit work community. That small startup that I got my first job at got sold 2 years later to Groupon. Our team ended up being split up across all different projects at Groupon. I never felt like I could find "my community" at Groupon, so within 6 months I left and started working at my current company, Kenna Security. At the time, Kenna was 30 employees and the tech team had 7 people on it. There, once again, I found that tight knit community that I had been missing at Groupon. Even though we are over 120 people now, I still am very close to all the coworkers I started with.

In addition, within the past 5 months, I have discovered even more incredibly supportive communities online! Between CodeNewbies on Twitter and blogging on, I feel more support now than ever. The internet can be used for so many vile things, but if you can sift through the trash, there are some truly awesome supportive groups out there!

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