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re: Hi Molly, great article! Let me expose my, admittedly controversial, view. Isn't the mere existence of a dedicated Team of SREs a problem? IMO se...

I don't speak for other companies but I do know for us at Kenna our SRE team has been a god send! Having a team that can focus solely on the reliability and scalability of our system has been a big win for us and it has greatly improved the quality of our platform for customers and for our devs and operation teams internally. I actually wrote a blog post about what our SRE team focuses on.

As for knowledge sharing, we actually do a dev SRE rotation that allows devs to get a peek at what we focus on as SREs. In addition, the SRE team works very closely with our dev teams pumping out features to ensure the features are performant. They are definitely not off in a corner on there own.

Sure, having an SRE team might not be for everyone but in our case, it has been an enormous benefit.

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