What is the most unique place you have worked from?

Molly Struve on January 17, 2019

As I am writing this post I am sitting next to a horse show ring in Ocala, FL waiting to show my horse. What is the most unique place you hav... [Read Full]
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One of the best that I have a pic of. I've been in some other sweet locations as well.



Maybe, but working there worth it :). That was almost two years ago, and that bad boy it's still with me everyday. Maybe I should upload more "dangerous" places xD

The anxiety levels amongst Dev.to members will rise exponentially.


Incredible location, though even just looking at this picture is giving me anxiety. 😅


No anxiety needed, it was a stable rock! xD
Have another look :P thinkpad-near-water-lol


How's that thinkpad treating you? also which OS are you using?


Top notch! I use it all day long since more than two years now. Always and only with ArchLinux ;)


Many years ago I did some work testing microwave networking sitting fairly close to this spot. It was a bit nice... :-)



It's the Isle of Skye off the north-west coast of Scotland :-) It's a very pretty (and dramatic!) part of the world :-)


One time I Pulled out my laptop to deal with an outage on a busy street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on a Friday night. Basically I’m on a bench surrounded by partying pedestrians and I’m looking at production logs.

Hopefully never again.


HA, I have been in a similar situation! Was at a wedding at a banquet hall, work alarms started going off so I ran out to my car. Got everything handled and ran back inside just before the wedding party entered. Thank the lord it was an open bar later that evening, I needed it 😉


I'm currently typing away next to a cat tower in my home office, and that's about as interesting as it gets for me. 😄

Oh, look a cat!


As much as I like being outside and traveling, I'm way too easily distracted, and so try my hardest to keep a consistent working environment.

Then again, I'm new to the whole WFH thing and new to my job... maybe as I get a little more comfortable, I'll try and mix it up!


WFH FTW!!!! Enjoy it!

As an animal lover myself(I have 2 dogs) I bet at some point you find yourself online at your vet's office! LOL I have never pulled out my laptop there, but I have definitely fielded lots of Slack messages via my phone 😉


Haha, well actually... my wife is a vet! So yep, it's bound to happen one way or another. 😆


It was not me but my roommate in a hospital. We were waiting for our hernia operations.
I was already naked, covered in a blanket, ready to be moved in the operating room.
Nervous as (#@$(&*.
His (a fellow sysadmin) operation was due in half an hour. He was still providing remote support for some client on his laptop.


I would say my living room. No other place like it! But I'm sure that's not in the vein of this post so here's another: Sicily, looking at Mt Etna.


2am at the Shisha Jazz Cafe in Pune, India.

Me and a few friends huddled around a laptop firefighting production issues surrounded by drunk 20-somethings and brilliant jazz music.

Not something I've made a habit of. But pub-production-support is definitely the most enjoyable kind of production support.


pub-production-support is definitely the most enjoyable kind of production support.

🙌 100% bc then as soon as you are done you can grab a much needed drink!


My view in Tuscany

We travelled around France and Italy for a month in summer 2017. This was my view from the terrace of the farmhouse we AirBNBed in Tuscany, Italy as I helped QA a regulatory return.

My kids were just out of shot chasing lizards around the garden.


This is truly the beauty of being able to take our work anywhere! You can have experiences like this and still be productive. I still pinch myself that I can do this! Never gets old.


Amen to that. For me it put the final nail in the coffin of the old idea that you could only be productive sitting in the same open plan, noisy, centralised office as everyone else.


A terrace in a godforsaken place in south Italy, with unstable internet 10 meters away from this work station



Keep your friends close and your internet closer lol

Looks like you are a standing person too! 😃 haha I love how creative we can get when working in a new place and want a standing setup!


I like to switch between various sitting and standing positions, this way my back complains much less. :D


I worked 6 hrs straight sitting in from of Niagara falls, at times you got to do what you got to do.


Not only a pretty picture but solid white noise if you like that!


A beautiful view for sure and i was lucky there was not much of a crowd that day. i would definitely want to do it again, but in a more relaxed situation.


The Viking Star cruise ship during the shake down cruise in the Mediterranean . The company I was with at the time did all the customer facing software. In-room entertainment, on-board APIs, reservations, etc.

It was pretty nice since the test battery I had developed with the API system allowed me to make changes and not worry about regression issues.

Also @OP, I use to live in Ocala. Didn't think anyone else would ever have a reason to visit that place...


No way! Small world! Usually when I tell people that is where I spend the winter, unless they are a horse person, they are always like "Where the heck is that?!" lol


Website went down 30 minutes before I had to board a plane 😱

Scrambled to diagnose the issue in the terminal, was somewhat relieved to discover it was a host outage and there was nothing I could do. Luckily it was resolved before I landed.


I had just arrived at GenCon in Indianapolis, some stuff went down at work, so I had to remote in with a laptop that was almost dead. So I went to the guard shack of the parking garage and they were nice enough to let me sit in there on the floor, connect to the wifi so I could VPN in to work, and get some stuff done.


Praise those people who are always willing to share an outlet!


An island in the Venetian Lagoon. Had to jump on a boat after to get food.


I started a hashtag when I was traveling a lot, but I've slowed way way down. I guess the most remarkable view I had was this one from a beachside condo in Siesta Key, Florida, but honestly, my favorite might always be my old apartment balcony in Chicago.

palm trees and sandy beach in Florida

  • 12 hours per day, 7 days per week night-shift at -2 celsius chamber.

whoa, a -2 celsius chamber? That sounds chilly! How did you end up in one of those?


Kind of cheating because it was on my iPhone and not a laptop. I sometimes do basic computer service on my free time and this one time a customer called because he needed something fixed immediately on his iMac, wasn't sure I would be able to do it but I ended up debugging the whole thing through TeamViewer while talking to him on my headphones, and this while walking to the train station.


Same! ..only difference that it was a Volkswagon Golf. I was building a Flash site on a EEE PC, while my employee was driving from the Netherlands, to Germany, onwards to Belgium and finishing in Amsterdam. Couple of times per week. :D fun


I almost forgot about the day you did morning stand from there while your dad was driving! 😂


A hospital, taking care of my dad after spine surgery... it was also my birthday.

(what? she said unique 😂)


A cafe in the middle of a forest in London, called Queen's Wood Cafe


The most exotic was in a hotel overlooking the ocean in Waikiki. My wife and daughter were sleeping due to jet lag, so I pulled out the laptop and worked with a gorgeous view.


LOL I turned it off for the picture, had to increase the brightness a little but it wasn't too bad 😊

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