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My first successful CONTINEOUS DEPLOYMENT πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ of an Angular app that I built πŸ‘

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I have built several Angular apps but I have been continuously procrastinating when it comes to deploying them.

To be completely honest - deployment makes me nervous...

It is not a flawless process, there are usually at least few things that can go wrong, and when I am not sure of what I am doing - I just worry about - messing up my app...

So I started with something relatively simple -
deploying an Angular & Firebase app with GitHub Actions.

Yes, I wanted to automate a new deployment on every push,
since I am never completely done with adding features to my apps.

More about the App:

Name - Collab Match
Frontend - Angular
Backend & Hosting - Firebase
Deployment - GitHub Actions
link to live app - Collab Match

Zoaib Khan's YT videos on how to store user data from Firebase Authentication to Cloud Firestore using @angular/fire were a great help

-- I have been advised on sharing the process of building the entire app, and not just the final stage, but I am still not completely comfortable with doing that and also - it is hard to find the time.

Remember I am working full time, after work I am continuing building a personal project app, this is already so so tiring and not easy to keep up with...
And to add on top of that - creating a post about every single thing that I did, ( considering that those posts are not going to be just simple function declarations or reshared few liner tips ) - that really becomes a lot...

But I will try...

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