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Show your Website Idea to a Friend with Google Drive Host

Header Image Credits: Marianne Harrison

Do you have an idea that you want to share the result right away with a friend without having to create a repository on github? You can use Google Drive to do that.

This only works for static and very basic projects but it´s very handy sometimes! In this article I will show you how!

For this, you should already have a project, with an index.html file. The index.html file is the one that will be served when someone wants to access your website.

1) In your Google drive, drop the website folder in the root or click "New" and add the folder

How to add new file in google drive

2) Then right click on the folder and click the "Share" option

3) In this popup click on the "Advanced" link

4) In the "Who has access" click change and change to "Public on the web - Anyone on the Internet can find and view"

Host A Website On Google Drive

5) Now, open a new tab in your browser and type

6) Select Google Drive

7) Sign in with the email associated with the Google Drive account where you uploaded your website files


8) Click allow

9) Click on the link in your admin

Drive to Web Admin

10) Now share your website with your friends!

Website hosted Google Drive

The example in this picture is from the js course JavaScript 30 by Wes Bos, that I recommend you to take a look!

You can check my example here 🦄

Discussion (9)

talha131 profile image
Talha Mansoor

But why would you do it? In the age of free Github pages, Gitlab pages, and most importantly, Netlify with their generous free tier, why would some use Google Drive to host the site?

monicafidalgo profile image
The Coding Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ Author

Hi Talha! Yes you are right. The idea was more to newbies or for someone that just have an idea and don´t want to create a code repository for that, sometimes it's handy. Of course is not a good option to show more important or complex projects. :)
Didn´t know about Netlify, going to check that! Thank you

ctrleffive profile image
Chandu J S

Its fun 😃

tojacob profile image
Jacob Samuel G.

Lol 😂👌🏼

fomofonk profile image

In the same vein / idea / train of thoughts, i would recommend! It's fast, cloudbased, CDNed (Cloudflare), and also works with Dropbox and Onedrive too, oh and it's free up to 100GB bandwith 😉.
(I'm not affiliated with in any way, i just enjoy their service & simplicity of it)

wisniewski94 profile image
Wiktor Wiśniewski • Edited on

I am wondering what is Google Policy on that. They use to ban/block downloads if resource has too many views/downloads.

silvether profile image
silvether • Edited on

Google Drive has a max bandwidth limit per day, currently it sits at 750GB. I store about 77TB worth of data and access only about 100GB a day. As for a per file limitation I don't know of any, but I might submit a ticket to their support to ask.

I'm also wondering if putting the site behind Cloudflare(love it or hate it) might help with saving some bandwidth.

I might give this a try and report back with anything interesting.

wisniewski94 profile image
Wiktor Wiśniewski

That makes sense! Sure, If you would like to then it would be useful information :).

23n6 profile image