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Discussion on: What is the best type of computer for a computer science student entering college/university?

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Ben Sinclair

This is one of those questions like, "which is the best car to get? I'm studying music".

Get a laptop. Go into a shop and see what ones you like the feel of when you type, and that you like size and clarity of the screen.

For me, rather than shelling out for a Mac, I'd get a basic laptop for a tenth the price. Anything made in the last few years that has its own storage (i.e. not a Chromebook with a 2GB/32GB setup) should be fine. Dual boot it with Windows and Linux and you can do anything.

If you're a Mac fan and don't want to use anything else, get a Mac. Again, anything from the last few years is fine.

Remember that batteries in sealed laptops limit their usefulness after a few years, though.