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Discussion on: Vim practical example

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Ben Sinclair

In your example, you end up with the same five URLs repeated. E.g. line offset 40 is identical to line offset 33 in your last Vim screenshot. I'm not sure if this means you left off the final step?

Adding a blank line and then removing all the blank lines makes sense for understanding what you're doing (I do this sort of thing all the time) but for the purpose of this demo it's just extra work. I think you could improve the post by explaining that it's just done to make the screen of text easier to follow.

I know your post is demonstrating a bunch of different techniques, but you did ask for comments, so I'm going off on an efficiency jaunt.

The step of replicating the block could be reduced to simply adding a blank line at the end and then copy-pasting the whole thing, rather than using another macro recording:

Go<esc> # add a blank line at the end of the file
Ygg # copy from the end to the top
5P # paste the block (including its empty line) 5 times

You can also use 2G to go to the second line instead of 2gg if you want fewer keypresses but are ok with chords. Likewise Y5 instead of yy5.