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re: Perfect timing, I've just started to revisit my personal site with a completely custom theme, based on Bulma! I haven't taken it live yet, but beca...

That's really nice. I like the separation of the section with the grid as its background.

To be honest, my first impression of the homepage was the word, "Christ". It jumped out at me and I immediately wondered what that was about and scanned around the page for any mention of anything that wasn't code. I found stuff in your personal blog ("musings") but that's kind of buried. I expect you were going for the three-word-alliteration that makes a lot of catchy phrases pop out and I know that developers often throw the word "coffee" around in conversation like it's a conjunction but I feel that if you're going to put religion front and centre you could maybe devote more home page space to it?

I don't think the tiles are too cluttered. There aren't too many of them and while there's perhaps not much to distinguish between them they've got their own space and are well-named and easy to glance through.

I think your layouts are nice the way they are; there's pretty much nothing I would change and I think that changing fonts might just be tweaking something for the sake of it. I do think that using a typewriter font would make things harder to read though so I'd advise against that.

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