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I go through phases of enjoying different social media, but this modern stuff, Facebook, Twitter, etc. just doesn't do it for me.

I often forget Twitter exists for weeks at a time. I haven't used Facebook for anything more than getting API keys for years. I've posted on Instagram maybe 100 times in the last 4 years? Something like that.

It's just not interesting enough.

To be fair, I do shitpost on Mastodon a lot, especially when I've had a couple of drinks.

But the "mainstream" social media? Boring or unpleasant, for the most part, and I wouldn't be bothered if they closed shop tomorrow.

I said I go through phases, though, so I'll get back to that original point. Sometimes I've been obsessed with a particular forum or site for a few weeks at a time, and it takes over my free time. When I realise what it's doing - if I start dreaming about it or getting angry about arguments I see, that sort of thing - I quit cold turkey and have generally forgotten about it a day later.

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