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Discussion on: Your Roadmap to Become a DevOps Engineer in 2021

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Moritz Rupp

Your explanation of DevOps is on point. Thanks for that. What I observe is that most company's employees struggle with putting themselves into the other role (dev vs. ops).

What can help with implementing DevOps is CALMS:

  • Culture: Give the team a purpose and embed it into your company culture. The leadership of the DevOps plays a key role. This is not about technical stuff and helps onboard the business people.
  • Automation: To put it simple: auotmate everything!
  • Lean: Stalled organisational structures are like poison. This is a complete mindstift. Everything must be questioned and unnecessary resources in processes must be eliminated.
  • Measurement: Start measuring what you doing! Define KPIs which support your daily operations as well as your strategic goals. Also, leadership support is a key success factor.
  • Sharing: This is what I love the most. It overlaps with the cultural aspect a lot. Retracted structures and silos prevent the active sharing of experience and knowledge. But how do you want to become the best version of yourselves? Quite simple, by learning and sharing your stories.

Which challenges have you faces while implementing the CALMS framework?