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re: The Absence Of Internet Points VIEW POST

re: We've talked about doing something like badges for accomplishments and some things like that. Those are perhaps in the pipeline, but no time soon. ...

On a more serioues note, as a content creator, some "points" can provide me with valuable feedback.

The things I write range from absoulute duds to runaway successes. It's helpful to me to understand how well received an article is. It shapes how I write future articles. I'd call this basic stats though, not really "points".

It's kind of why I wouldn't mind having at least one negative response icon for an article. It's good to know if people are annoyed or bothered by something. It doesn't need to play into any kind of rating, but just seeing a negative response can be helpful.

Things like StackExchange syle badges provide me with nothing really. I either just happen upon them randomly, or work specifically to achieve them. The latter is terrible, as it removes intrinsic reward. It's the same reason why I turn off badge notifications on my PS4.

In short, internet points are bad but feedback is good.

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