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If I'm feeling completely demotivated to do something I usually won't. I'll go do something else. This might be another project, or a walk, bike-ride, chores, whatever.

It's a flexibility I have in my work -- I value this extremely high and would have a hard time adapting to not having it anymore. As I get paid hourly nobody feels cheated nor do I have to feel bad.


Precisely, I make up the hours because I have the luxury of a flexible work schedule, as long as I get 80 hours in and I’m there for a reasonable amount of time on average so that people who need me will have my support.

I don’t like not doing anything, and I certainly don’t feel good being paid to do nothing, especially because that makes it hard for me to bill time. If I can’t do anything, I go home so as not to waste my valuable time or the company’s valuable resources.

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