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Sir ,I do share your discontent for not being lucky enough to get a job at Facebook and I do appreciate your taking time and pain to make an article out of it.Truly I am sorry.😣
And to be honest with you ,it is not worth trying to figure out why your candidacy at that so called big tech company did not pass through .
The truth is that the process of recruiting is not only unfair and illogical but most of so called recruiters lack tragically of any competence of discovering the true potentialities of those they interview.
Do think about interviews you have been through and try to remember what your interviewers qualifications were.
Most of theirs were nothing but those related to human resources realm.
Can you image what the coding interview run by an artist would be ?
Just a total waste of time and failure.
It should be done by those earned expertise by coding and are able to successfully discover the true potentialities of of the interviewee.
That is why many company are still recruiting expecting to find talents recruited by unqualified recruiters with biased coding challenges.
It just does not work.
To end this ,just comfort yourself with the fact your rejection has nothing to do with your skills or your resume content .
And never waste your time to understand why you have been rejected.
Truly I will urge myself to interview someone like you that send me the link of his resume site :It is not only a showcase of skills but creativity .
Even if I do know you enough ,I am 100% sure that you do have enough skills set to work for any big tech company and you will have a shining careers.
Just do not give up and keep thriving your skills.😊

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

I truly appreciate your reply! 👍 👍 👍

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