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The start of mercatus

mouadbnl profile image Mouad Benali ・2 min read

Today was the big start of my personal project : mercatus, which is a web application like woo commerce, Perstashop, shopify... that allows you to create an online shop with high performance and a huge level of customization since the code is simple and editable, anyone with some basic knowledge about Laravel or just blade, can customize the shop interface and easily turn a mockup/template into a live website.
I started this project due to the frustration caused by the actual e-commerce platforms, like loading lot of useless functionalities in woo commerce since it's based on WordPress, or being too slow to render anything like Perstashop, and all of these platforms don't offers an easy way to integrate an html template easily and makes it hard to add new functionalities as needed.
besides all that, I'm developing this application to use it myself, even if extending it may be hard for some people, it will be easy for me and anyone who knows Laravel, so it doesn't require you to read how to develop specific plugins for it.
and Today I started touching a little bit of code, and... I don't think it s going to be as easy as I thought it would be, trying to learn new technologies like Livewire, Jetstream at the same time and creating this project just seems a lot of work, but I really want to know how to use these technologies since they offer a lot of benefits and should make it easy for me to start new projects in the future and finish them faster once I got used to them.
I also got an interesting email today, I am subscribed to some news letters about job offers, and apparently, someone is gathering a team of developers to create a similar project, and I immediately realized that I have some competition, and we practically share the same market. I that being aware of the competition is really helpful, it should force me to get the product out to the market and stop being a stupid perfectionist, also this team is not aware that I exist, so that's a good advantage.

Also, I forgot to present myself, I'm Mouad Benali, an 19 year old student who lives in Morocco, I love programing and specifically web development. I'm writing this article as a little story for me to read after some years, and hope that some of you may enjoy it.


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Mohammed Samgan Khan

can you please provide the link for the repository ?

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Mouad Benali Author

here is the link :
I decided to rename this project to agora, and also this is a new fresh project for now, m going to work hard on it the next few days !