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Moutasim EL Ayoubi
Moutasim EL Ayoubi

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I am somehow lost in Software Engineering

Good Morning Everyone,
I am here to express my feelings and seeking community help to get out of my loop, yesterday I was listing the skills I know till now as a 1st Year Software engineer.

In Addition, till now I did not study any Major course that is related to these skills, All of them are self-taught, I am wishing to get a good plan to professionalize in my Career, Cause these skills are almost From Every tech industry, the list is as follows:

  • Git and GitHub (Advanced)
  • Linux CLI & advanced topics (Advanced)
  • Technical issues Troubleshooting (Professional)
  • Android software fixing (Professional)

  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization(HCIA cloud computing Certified)

  • WordPress - With Domain DNS Management & hosting skills(Cpanel management), Brief DB skills(Not editing SQL).

  • Android Application Development (Amateur)

  • Photoshop (Advanced), illustrator(Amateur), After Effect(Amateur), Premiere Pro(Amateur)

  • SEO & improvement(Excellent)

  • basic bash shell scripting (Amateur)

  • Vim Editor (Amateur)

  • Java Programming Language (Amateur, Know the basics)

  • Network Attacks and Security (No EGO, Script Kiddie, LOL)

  • Google Adsense Monetization(Professional)

  • Blogging (used too...)

  • YouTube content Creation (I know how to get successful with it, but don't have time)

I want some Skills that are stacked and a good path to get My first Job with and continue in one Path (I plan to learn to develop a cross-platform after finishing my JAVA as a 1st Language for android development), cause Mine is somehow from Random Skills from each industry...
Thanks For Any Suggestions in Advance.

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Dan Silcox

Wow you’ve been busy!

Firstly well done for reaching out to the community - knowing when to ask for help is in itself a key skill, which not everyone is good at.

In terms of more specific roles, I think it might help you to have a think about what in amongst all that you most enjoy and what path you want to start down - the tech industry is so huge you have almost infinite different roles you could fill, so it’s easy to get lost in it all unless you have a clear goal of what you want.

So I’d encourage you to spend some time reflecting on the things you’ve done - what did you enjoy, what did you absolutely hate? Where do you want to go from here?

If you want to be a mobile developer then you probably don’t need to worry too much about database stuff right now, focus on UX, state management, consuming APIs, etc.

Key thing is don’t try and be an expert at EVERYTHING - it’s impossible! Best to be ‘ok’ at a few things and more of an expert at just one or two things to start with. You can always ‘pivot’ to something else later on.

I’d also say if you can, do some real projects for other people, whether that’s getting a dev job (which I know you’ll likely need to already have experience before you can get), do some projects on fiverr or something, or see if there are any local businesses or charities who you can do work for as part of your learning.

Of course I’m just giving my opinion; there are countless ways to do this. Best thing is just to start rather than getting ‘analysis paralysis’ figuring out what to do! All the best as you start your journey :)

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Moutasim EL Ayoubi Author • Edited on

What I want to learn and work with is Actually Native Development and Web Applications and be able to make the front end and backend myself before joining or having a team, cause I like both of them, and Both are just Good for my interests.

currently I am stydying Java as my first language, till now I know Core programming, object oriented and some other fundamentals of software development.

What would you recommend to start learning first and Making my First Project with? Native or Web application as I am studying java Right now...

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Dan Silcox

Java is one of those general ‘work horse’ languages that can kind of do anything which is great but can be overwhelming. I’d say maybe start with building a simple Android app to solve a problem you or a friend has, focussing on how the user experience works etc, and use any times you need a ‘backend’ for it as a chance to learn a bit of the web/API development part. I don’t really know Java so can’t assist with more specifics unfortunately... all the best with it!

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Moutasim EL Ayoubi Author

Thanks Dude, Much Appreciated ♥️

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The biggest challenge is the thing that has nothing to do with programming Source Code - Yourself. The whole existence is a Game. To not have existential crisis, you need to pick a path in the game (it may be a tech one) and dive in. I have similar problem, just, with several more areas of life in the loop.

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Nicholas Bilyk

Welcome to the developer community :)

I would recommend enjoying as best you can this period where you have the time to pursue your interests. The deeper you get in your career the more skilled you are, but the less time you have.

Focus not on a technology, but a goal. I imagine you got into engineering because you want to make things? What things? Join an existing project or start your own, work with others or work solo, however you feel is best towards accomplishing the useful or creative thing you're imagining. The technologies (and soft skills) you learn to reach that goal will be guaranteed to be useful and valuable because they stem from doing a useful thing. (Not to mention finished projects look good on resumes.)