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Discussion on: I have $1,000 for use for technical stuff provided by my company, what should I get?

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Mahdi Pourismaiel • Edited

Premium Medium membership so you can read more articles and listen to them if you don't feel like reading.
A Kindle is really fantastic. If you don't have one, consider buying it. You can read books easily on it and carry as many as you like.
Generally I recommend reading over going to a conference if you want to learn something since in my area conferences are not to learn, more for networking. But networking can go a long way. Attend some conferences in your area so to avoid hotel and travel expenses. You'd also have a lot of fun if you gather some friends and go to a conference out of town or out of the country. Going alone can be fun as well but I personally prefer travelling with others.
There are great courses around the web. Wes Bos specially has courses for a lot of things and it pays off to learn something that you don't need right away.