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Discussion on: The Cost of Investing Too Heavily in a JavaScript Framework

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Michael Puckett • Edited on

I agree - this is the future!

Unfortunately, recently, I ran into some interesting quirks when trying to pass properties between a Svelte-compiled web component and a Vue one. Also noticed that the frameworks either don’t support compilation to web components by default or if they do the authors don’t seem very keen about the platform (evidenced by the Rich Harris link)

Personally I would like to see us developers rally around web components and force the frameworks to play nice.

The good news is Shadow Parts is now in 2/3 major browsers (yes it’s Safari) which will make using them a little more appealing I think.

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Ryan Smith Author

I agree, it seems that the compile to web components in Svelte and Vue is an afterthought. I can see the challenge there, they built their framework before compiling to Web Components became more prevalent, so all of the framework features may not translate nicely to a web component. Since Stencil built that way from the start, they can do it more effectively.