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🦊 Building A WordPress Artificial Intelligence Plugin

mrahmadawais profile image Ahmad Awais ⚑️ ・1 min read

I've been pulling an all-nighter, all-too-excited while working on this cool project where I am building a WordPress Artificial Intelligence plugin.


Sounds clichΓ©, but before I go ahead and explain it to you, I'd rather have you watch this quick silly video of me trying to demo what I've built at 5 am. Have at it.Β πŸ‘‡

β€” So, what are your thoughts? Mind-blowing ain't it.

  • πŸ‘Œ Cognitive Services APIs
  • 🎩 Microsoft @Azure
  • ☘ @MongoDB Atlas
  • πŸš€ Automation FTW

With any luck, I'll try my best to release this work as FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) along with hundreds of other open source projects I've released at GitHub. Coz, why not. Also, it's 10-year anniversary of GitHub πŸ’₯

What Now?

Well, hop on Twitter and tell me how you feel about this project. Or just sayΒ πŸ‘‹Β and maybe retweet this one. Would make a lot of difference.

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Peace! ✌

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