πŸ”₯ VSCode Grid Editor Layout Is Here!

Ahmad Awais ⚑️ on July 05, 2018

VSCode just got June's update 🌞 v1.25 and finally it has the "Grid Editor Layout" feature, I was so looking forward to. I'm lovin' it! πŸ”₯ Check: VS... [Read Full]
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I really wish I had a bigger screen to make the most of this. Somehow I don't think I be using this feature too often on a 14" laptop screen.


I use it on 55 inch LED 4K. Love it. Especially for small meetups. πŸ’œ


You shuld look up to "force resolution". In Linux I know it's with xrandr.

My 14" Laptop Screen had the 1366x768, and I forced to 1600x900. :D


Can you also use this feature for re-arranging things like the outline? Or can you only arrange editor windows?


Not a PhpStorm user, but if you're thinking about switching to VSCode, I'm releasing a course called VSCode.pro to help users switch to VSCode.

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