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Ahmad Awais ⚡️

I'm not trying to point where you're false or not. 😂

I think you believe that the entire page render happens again and again with Next.js which I believe is not true.

When you request this page directly (by entering the page URL in the browser), the page is pre-rendered by the server and sent to the client.

STEP #1: Server pre-renders the page with dynamic data
STEP #2: Client shows the pre-rendered page

When you request this page on the client-side page transitions through next/link or next/router (by clicking an internal link on a page)

STEP #1: Next.js sends an API request to the server
STEP #2: Server runs the getServerSideProps
STEP #3: Server returns resulting JSON as a response
STEP #4: Next.js uses this JSON response to render the page

Now mix this with SSG where parts of your page are static. Like you mentioned the sidebar. That can be completely static with no JavaScript at all. Hence creating a hybrid SSR, CSR, SSG page with Next.js can improve perf a lot here.

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Aditya Agarwal

I think by the word 'render' we're talking different things. By render I just mean re-render of React component. It has nothing to do with going to server. I'm just saying components of dashboard page won't render on dashboard/about by default so you need Layout components. But that leads to an issue of loosing internal state even though its a client side transition.

I think Adam has explained the problem really well.

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Ahmad Awais ⚡️

You can handle that with React memorization to a point. The concurrent mode would make things much better. But hey, I get what you mean.

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Prashanth P Wagle • Edited on

But the point being made is that the way components are NOT reused in every route, and sharing the data between components when it comes to nested routing of remix is way more convenient. Static Rendering/SSR is an entirely different topic and it has to do nothing with routing ain't it?

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Ahmad Awais ⚡️

SSR has a lot to do with routing when you use Next.js. There's a difference in how routing works when you have an SSR page with Next.js.

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How does SSR have anything to do with routing? I think the first user that replied to my comment made a fair point, it's something that I've struggled with personally, and afaik, that has nothing to do with whether or not a page is server-side rendered. Afaik very page component in NextJS gets unmounted before the next page component is mounted, whether or not the page is SSR'd.