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re: If I am correct, you pushed to Github every day since Nov 2014, that's awesome.


GitHub is a huge part of who I am today. I have been open sourcing code since 2013 but got more serious about it in 2014. Also, I brought all my repos together on GitHub which were on BitBucket — some of them private.

I also manage my daily to-dos and a couple other workflows on GitHub. Which is why it's hard to miss a day without doing that. So, that's that. 🙌

One more thing I do is I talk about my entire year at the end of it, writing years in reviews. It's important to do that as a full-time open sourcerer or you'd get lost trying to figure out what's new and what's changed.

Read what I've been doing in 🐼 2015, 🦊 2016, and especially in 🦁 2017 →

Maybe something in there would help you do more good with your code and open source.

Peace! ✌️

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