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As someone who spent the last 12 years with WordPress — contributing to most of the things like WordPress Core, default themes, it's REST API, and now Gutenberg — I think I can explain it very well.

  • WordPress is free
  • WordPress was the cool kid in town during the time of recession — we had our own open source version control setup with SVN and stuff (when I think there was no GitHub at the time)
  • WordPress has done open source right in many many ways — keeping things simple

  • WordPress has a huge market space — so many job opportunities and what not

  • Except for some #WPDrama the WordPress community is pretty awesome

  • I can't in my right mind ask a non-tech person to start a blog on Gatsby or anything similar (WordPress I can)

  • As a non-tech person, you can host, manage, maintain, and run a high traffic blog/site on this battle-tested platform. That's not true for almost any other new CMS out there.

  • Let me also add it's very cheap to do so, the support is not costly, you can probably find someone in your street who can handle things with WordPress :P

Hope some of it makes sense :)


Great answer. I also started using WP 12 years ago.


Awesome! 💯
Good old times. A post about PHP Contact form I wrote had gone viral in 2006 and that's how I got into the web. Clients wanted me to build their contact forms.

In 2007, when Contact Form 7 was released (that's why it's called CF7) — I fell in love with how easy it was to build forms with WordPress.

And then I started building plugins coz that was the most exciting part of WordPress. Just search and then install it and you're good to go.

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